Chiropractic Services

Spinal Manipulative Therapy


Chiropractic is a medically licensed profession in all 50 states.

Treatment is performed using manual techniques to restore optimal function to the joints of the body.

Our doctors use gentle adjustments to ensure restoration of proper mechanics and function ro your joints and nervous system.

Manual Soft Tissue Manipulation


Our doctors utilize a variety of soft tissue techniques to aid in restoring health, improving function, and reducing pain.

Ranging from manual release techniques (MRT) to instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), these soft tissue treatments are often combined with spinal manipulation to provide optimum relief and resolution.

Passive Therapies


Some conditions demand more passive therapies. This can include electrical muscle stimulation, heat or ice-based modalities, or even topical analgesic applications. The goal of these therapies is purely palliative, geared towards providing as much relief from pain and ease of symptoms as possible.

Active Therapies


Our practice philosophy demands that we approach all musculo-skeletal issues in their entirety. This often means that manipulation is only a part of the solution for your condition.

We are trained and equipped to provide our patients with advanced diagnostic and assessment tools, which help us properly assess biomechanical dysfunction and imbalance points which create asymmetry in your musculoskeletal system. Once identified, various stretching, mobilization, and strengthening/conditioning exercises will be prescribed accordingly.

DoTERRA Products


In recent years, the emergence of essential oils in the mainstream health and wellness market has changed the dynamic and approach of topical products. 

Essential oils have been shown to be a clean, safe, and chemical-free alternative to your typical store-bought products. Some of these oils have shown to be good for things ranging from surface cleansers to muscle pain to cold remedy agent to mood stabilizer.

If you are curious about how essential oils work, or if they might be beneficial to you in some way, please ask one of our doctors for more information.

Webster Technique


Larry Webster, D.C., founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), developed a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment which enables chiropractors to establish balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis and reduce undue stress to her uterus and supporting ligaments. This technique is known as the Webster Technique, and has been clinically shown to allow for optimal fetal positioning.

Approximately 4% of all pregnancies result in a breech presentation. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) reported in the July/August 2002 issue an 82% success rate of babies turning vertex when doctors of chiropractic used the Webster Technique.